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Variation in demand of product volume and product mix can cause wastage of resources, time, cost and skill. Therefore, in order to eliminate excessive demand variation, Heijunka or production leveling is used. In Heijunka, a part of JIT and lean management is implemented which helps in smoothing production from supplier to customer.

Every business faces a high demand season and a low demand season. During high demand season, due to the overwhelming increase in demand, there is a workload on the staff and machines which result in production of products with defects. There is an environment of chaos and panic which is also shifted to the suppliers in the form of large batch rush orders. Thus ending up ordering more than the actual demand is. Similarly, during the low demand season, most of the resources and energy can be saved at the cost of not fulfilling the demand. This uneven demand can cause many problems and therefore a system i.e. Heijunka is required to level everything up so that the production matches with the demand without any disruption.

In order to overcome the uncertainty of customer orders or demand, a buffer has to be maintained in the inventory or in the time so that if any order comes rushing, a company is prepared to deliver that order without disturbing the whole chain. This will lead to delivering the product exactly when the customer required out i.e. JIT.

There are different numbers and types of products available each with a different demand pattern. It can be very difficult and confusing to keep a check on the demand of all of these products. In order to ease up this, Heijunka box is used. It helps in planning and scheduling the production of all the products. It is a simple grid, with time period on vertical axis and products on horizontal axis. The required number of products is filled in the boxes for every time period making the production leveling very manageable.

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Alarm Home Announces its New Arkansas Home Security Alarms and Home Utility Automation Services

Alarm Home Announces its New Arkansas Home Security Alarms and Home Utility Automation Services

Arkansas homeowners can now benefit from the new line of Home Alarm Systems, Energy Solutions, Smart Home Lighting, Thermostats, and Home Security Services Throughout all AR Counties.

Little Rock, Arkansas (PRWEB) May 05, 2013

The security of the house is a very important thing, and now Alarm Home ( brings its new security solutions to the state of Arkansas. Arkansas homeowners need to take maximum measures in order to protect their family along with their material belongings. In order to provide maximum protection to their family they need to spend a lot of time in researching which type of safety measures are best for their house and their family. There are different types of home security measures that homeowners need to consider.

Arkansas homeowners are well aware that their home safety and security is a first priority. With the advancement in technology a huge variety of smart home security products are easily available in the market. Home security cameras are the best option when homeowners want keep an eye on any suspicious person that be walking around their house for no reason. Moreover, if someone tries to break in their house, security cameras can help identify the person and report it to the police. The cameras record each and every detail of the area where they are added. Homeowners can easily find a huge range of security cameras for their house. They can find two types of applications for security cameras, one for personal use, and the other one for the professional use. For home safety purposes, the personal security cameras are the best option.

Whenever people talk about the home safety and security they may first think of security guards. Security guards have been employed for home security purposes ages ago. Security guards are found accountable, trust worthy and sincere when it comes to their work. The security guards have a licensed gun with them on their shoulders. They work attentively day and night so home or business owners get the proper home security. However, due to the cost usually only businesses can afford this type of security. That’s why affordable home security solutions in Arkansas are now offered by Alarm Home

For more information visit:

Home alarms are other types of security products used these days for safety purpose. These alarms have a special loud horn. They inform the house member with their siren whenever someone tries to break into their house. The sirens are very loud and let everyone know something is not right or potentially dangerous. There are a few types of home alarms, the other types are used as a fire/smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. Whenever there is a fire or harmful emissions in a house these alarms inform the family members about it.

Another important type measure that can be taken are when security locks are installed in the window glass or the doors in the house. These security locks inform the house member when someone tries to break glass and/or enter the house. These alarms are specially used for the houses that have a lot of windows and there is a potential for burglars to break into the house.

Moreover whenever homeowners install any security locks they should make sure that they add a different security pin for each lock. This is the best type of security measure that they can take in order to protect their house against any type of theft or mishap. These security measures help protect their house and family members as well.

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Home Security Equipment and Utility Services Now Available in Arkansas:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Home Security Windows
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Wireless Touch Pads
  • Home Security Locks
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smoke Alarms
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Free Home Security System
  • Security Doors
  • Medical Alerts
  • Multiple Points of Protection

Arkansas Home Security and Utility Solutions are now available in the following AR Counties:

Arkansas County, Ashley County, Baxter County, Benton County, Boone County, Bradley County, Calhoun County, Carroll County, Chicot County, Clark County, Clay County, Cleburne County, Cleveland County, Columbia County, Conway County, Craighead County, Crawford County, Crittenden County, Cross County, Dallas County, Desha County, Drew County, Faulkner County, Franklin County, Fulton County, Garland County, Grant County, Greene County, Hempstead County, Hot Spring County, Howard County, Independence County, Izard County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Johnson County, Lafayette County, Lawrence County, Lee County, Lincoln County, Little River County, Logan County, Lonoke County, Madison County, Marion County, Miller County, Mississippi County, Monroe County, Montgomery County, Nevada County, Newton County, Ouachita County, Perry County, Phillips County, Pike County, Poinsett County, Polk County, Pope County, Prairie County, Pulaski County, Randolph County, Saint Francis County, Saline County, Scott County, Searcy County, Sebastian County, Sevier County, Sharp County, Stone County, Union County, Van Buren County, Washington County, White County, Woodruff County, and Yell County.

For more information on Home Security Services in Arkansas call toll free  (866) 507-3344  or visit:

For more information on Arkansas Home Utility Automation call toll free  (855) 847-1776  or visit: